Sheet Music Book Stack

by - June 21, 2012

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year here so far.  Of course, we lost power.  Argh!  So between 6 p.m. and midnight, we sweated our little butts off.  Somewhere in between dunking my head in a tub of cold water and polishing off another can of Diet Coke, I made this sheet music book stack:

I used some vintage sheet music from my garage sale stash to cover these dollar store books.  Remember when you used to have cover your books in grammar school?  I used the old tape and fold method.  Mainly because I could only find my tape in the darkness - doh!
I have them in the tea room on the old bench that I redid a few weeks ago.  Not sure if you can make out the tag with the crown and few lines of hand-stamped sheet music?!
Just some random views from the tea room.  All set up for a tea party!  You can see some garage sale finds that I redid like the crate with wheels holding some books and magazines, and the gold frame I redid with chalkboard paper.
Some old china in a cabinet the hubby redid.
A nice comfy spot to relax and unwind.
White birdcage.

Stack of old suitcases and Pepsi crate.  You can see my boys have been in there.  Note the Lego piece tucked into the crate!

Happy to have our power back on but it's still sweltering here.


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  1. The book stack and the tag are lovely, as is all the other bot and bobs, love the romantic~chic look of it all, even the lego piece to keep it real!

    Good news you got your power back!


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