Sweet Little Bee Sachet

by - June 23, 2012

What is it about bees?  They drive me insane outdoors but I love, love, love them for craft projects.  A certain irony there, don't you think?

My sister Kathy (Creative Home Expressions) used some great bee images for some items in her Etsy shop from The Feathered Nest.  She directed me there a couple of weeks ago and I downloaded this sweet little bee image.
I thought it would look pretty on this shabby floral fabric so I decided to turn it into a lavender sachet.
It smells wonderful!  And the bees look so friendly and sweet.  Maybe it's time to call a truce with the real ones?

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  1. Your sachet is lovely!!
    I also feel the same way with Bees. They seem to love the pool...where the kids play and then the kids scream! I have some sweet bee honey pots....they look so harmless on pottery!


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