Goodwill Finds

by - August 20, 2012

In between the beach and a bridal shower this weekend, I was able to hit my local Goodwill on Sunday.  It's not as good as the one near my Mom's but I got some goodies to share.

My 7 year old picked out the plate.  He wants to use it this year for Santa's cookies.  How could I refuse - especially when I saw the Paris postmarks on there!
I swear I was just about to buy a similar bottle holder from Save-On-Crafts.  Glad I didn't!  This one is missing a bottle but it was only $4.99.
I also got a little ceramic white bird.  These were originally at Michael's.  I had one with a chipped beak so this one will replace it.  The bunny piece was just too cute, so I had to get that too.

My boys got a couple of video tapes and we wound up spending about $15.  Not a bad haul!


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