Still Organizing

by - August 06, 2013

In my ongoing quest to organize my craft room (so I can actually enter Where Bloggers Create next year), I upcycled these little metal baskets to hold some random crafty pieces.

These were another AmVets find.  I gave each a few coats of white spray paint.
For the twine one, I just added a rusty clip (I did a post on how to give metal clips a nice rusty touch) and a hand-stamped tag that says, twine, of course.  I love how my baker's twine fits nicely inside and I can see each color clearly.
For the other one, I added an enamel number with some twine, metal clip and hand-stamped glitter tag.  Again, I can clearly see what color is what instead of having to dig around for them.

Not bad for 99 cents each basket!


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