Frenchie Necklaces

by - August 22, 2013

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It's a bit of a rainy, miserable kind of day here.  The kind of day when you don't feel guilty staying indoors.  While the boys were busy playing this morning, I broke out some jewelry pieces and whipped up these two necklaces.
Each is backed with French book paper.  Then I added some of these lovely religious images.  For this piece, I added a little bling by way of the bead and rhinestone.
For the second piece, I just kept it simple - adding the red faux pearl and French wording over the image.

Sweet and simple.  I love dressing up my dress forms with them, although I'm sure one day I'll actually wear one!  =)


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  1. They are beautiful, Jeanine! The images are just gorgeous, and I love the bit of bling!!

  2. Something beautiful came out of your rainy day. It's raining here too.

  3. They are just lovely. This is my first time to your blog and am eager to see more of your work!


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