Spooky Dollar Store Prayer Candles

by - 4:00 AM

The kiddos are officially back to school and I'm chomping at the bit to catch up on some crafting!  Garage sales were a bust this weekend so I looked in my crafting stash and pulled out two Dollar Store prayer candles.

I wanted to make some spooky candles for Halloween - even though I have a bunch left over from last year.  First I wrapped some vintage book paper around each candle.

Then I hand-stamped my Raven onto craft paper.  It actually quotes Poe's Quoth the Raven although it's kind of hard to see.  I ripped the craft paper and then distressed the edges.

Glue the craft paper over the book paper and you're done!  My bad for not lining up the craft paper perfectly but I'll be displaying them apart so not too much of a big deal for me.


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