Thrifty Before & After

by - September 22, 2013

Remember that wood thingy I picked up on Friday at our local church thrift store?  Here's what it looked like before:

And here is the after:
Excuse the lighting.  I took my photos around dusk.  I thought I was going for a neat, artistic lighting effect, but what I got were some dark photos.  Doh!
Still, you get the idea.  I used this great French graphic from The Graphics Fairy and the Mod Podge technique.  I have to admit, I'm not as polished at it (Mod Podge technique) as my sister is, but I still like the look - even if I still have to get off some little paper nubs.
And I'm still not sure what to call it?  Wood crate?  Wood couch (c'mon, doesn't it look like a miniature couch to you?!)?  Wood display?  Whatever it is, I'm going to use it to display something pretty in the house.


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  1. Wow Jeanine, that's so cute!!!! It kinda does look like a couch. I could see it once you said it, lol. I just LOVE your work my dear friend : )

  2. It turned out great! Yes, it does look like a couch. I'm sure you will use it to display pretty things, but I think it would also be a great piece to hold cell phones. I need to find something for us for that purpose and I always check some of the smaller wood pieces I come across at the thrift. No luck so far because I'm specifically looking for it!

  3. Nice job, Jeanine. Yes, it does look like a little couch. It would work perfectly as a display box.

  4. Great up cycle and I LOVE all your Fall and Halloween creations!
    Hugs Lynn


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