Teacup & Saucer Makeover

by - September 28, 2013

This teacup and saucer once held a scented candle.  I picked up two of them at Urban Outfitters ages ago.  Once the candle was done, I cleaned them up and they sat in the garage for a couple of years. They were just too pretty to donate or use at a garage sale.

So I cleaned them up and decided to make them more functional. 
What's neat is the teacup is already glued to the saucer so I didn't have to break out the E-6000.  I did, however, print out the word miscellany on clear label paper to add to the front of the teacup.
Then I filled it with random pieces including these great, vintage French flashcards.  I add them in with my Etsy "thank you" bags and use them for tags.
It's also a great spot for odd buttons and some keys.  Now I can easily grab what I need without having to dig through piles of stuff in my craft room.  Now I just have to figure out what I'm putting on the other one.

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