Pinterest Inspired Candlesticks

by - 4:00 AM

I spied this pretty idea for candlesticks on Pinterest last week.

I had a few wooden ones I painted a couple of years ago lurking about so I decided to give this idea a go.  Here's my version:
I had a set of aqua and pink ones candlesticks.  I decided to go with the aqua ones first.  The tins are actually Xmas ornaments from Ikea.  I love how they look vintage.  Of course now it hits me that I probably could have aged them a bit using vinegar and salt.  Oh well, next pair!
I simply hot-glued them to the top of each stick.  Add two votives and seriously, you are done in like 5 minutes.
I'm sure it helped that mine were painted already.  Super cute to use for summer entertaining or a quick gift idea, don't you think?


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