Sprucing Up for Spring

by - April 24, 2014

I stepped outside of my comfort zone by choosing some new paint colors for our living room and dining room.  For the dining room, I chose a sea foam green/blue.  The hubby painted it over the weekend.

This is a before and after photo.  The yellow was the original color (to the left). We painted both rooms with the yellow and it was/is starting to grate on my nerves.  
I like this much, much better!
And another view of the old with the new.  The living room is getting a soft gray.  Both colors are from Benjamin Moore but I can't recall the names.  One is Opaline, I believe.  Saw them together in an issue of HGTV magazine and they worked very nicely together.

Hoping my hubby gets to the living room this weekend!


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  1. It looks like a pretty color! I'm sure it makes for a nice change!

  2. Much nicer than the yellow.

  3. It's looking very good! I like the soft color of it! xo Diana

  4. How lucky are you to have a hubby that does the painting? Love the new colors!
    ~ Lin


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