Upcycled Gravy (Yes, Gravy!) Jars

by - April 16, 2014

I've been hoarding glass jars like a squirrel hoards nuts.  I had a teeny bit of free time this week to start embellishing some of them.

I started by adding distressed French book paper to each jar.  Then I added different rub-on transfer images to the paper.  
For this one - which is my favorite! - I also added a strip of burlap and some white twine.  
The finishing touch was this lock & safety pin.
I simply wrapped twine around the top of this one.  It's all it needed.
I wanted to keep this one feminine and dainty to go with the dress form image, so I added a little bow and some tea-stained seam binding.

Each one is filled with faux moss and some of my French script candles.  Simple touches to add about the house.


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  1. Beautiful! I also have a ton of jars... those pasta jars come in handy and we sure eat a lot of pasta around here!

  2. Hi Jeanine, your jars are so chic and the details make them special. I can relate to gathering jars. I have tons too and keep finding them to add to my stash for redesign.
    Love how your turned out.
    Have a blessed Easter.


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