Shopping the House

by - 2:46 PM

Sometimes it pays to "shop" your house.  

Case in point, I found this ironstone tray in my basement during the week.  
At least I think its ironstone.  These are the markings on the back. (The previous owners left a lot of old treasures in the house.)
Anywho, I brought it upstairs, gave it a good cleaning and pondered what to do with it next.  A quick trip to Marshalls solved the problem.  I picked up this little crate with faux greens in it. Perfect!
While at Marshalls, I also picked up what could quite possibly be the cutest summer straws ever.  There were $1.50 on clearance. Woo hoo!  Can you see the little crabs????
And a trip to my local Marshalls wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Dollar Store, which is right next door.  They already have autumn items out.  Yes, I picked up two pumpkins in July. Please don't judge me.


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