Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ready for Spring

I know it's St. Patrick's Day, but I haven't been dreaming about leprechauns.  I've been dreaming about spring.  This past week was lovely.  Warm and sunny with a few spots of rain here and there. But the weather man says we're getting snow this weekend. Noooooooooooo!
So I'll be keeping busy making more of these Easter sacks for my 8 year old's class, while watching the snow fall.  Hopefully this will be winter's last hoorah.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Target Bunnies

Have you seen these adorable bunnies at Target?
Both are in the Dollar Spot but are $3 each.  One is a plain paper mache and the other looks like ceramic, but it's really more of a white paper mache.
I decided to Frenchify the brown paper mache one.  I started by giving it a few coats of white paint.  Then I tried to hand-stamp some French script on it.  Fail!  Because it's not completely flat, the ink had some gaps.  Plan B was to print out French Script on clear sticker paper.  I simply traced the bunny, peeled and stick.  Voila!
Meanwhile over at Michael's, these lace clothes pins are on clearance for about $1.59.  Of course I grabbed a few and gave them a French touch too.

It's gorgeous out today so I'm taking advantage and getting some spray painting in for future projects.  Less than two weeks until spring...


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kid Stuff

My boys have taken over my craft room!
First the 10 year old came in asking if HE could make a "paper Mario" pillow.  I really wasn't sure what that was.  So we took to the internet to find a Mario image.  When he found the one he liked, I downloaded it on to TAP paper.
And because he's only 10, I ironed the image on to the fabric for him.  Then he got busy sewing his pillow.  I had to help here and there (especially with closing it up), but overall he did about 75 percent of this one by himself.
The 8 year old got wind of the Mario pillow and decided he wanted me to make him a Dipper Pines (from Gravity Falls) pillow.  He doesn't know it's finished yet.  It's a surprise for when he gets home from school today.  Ssshhhh...