Target Bunnies

by - March 09, 2016

Have you seen these adorable bunnies at Target?

Both are in the Dollar Spot but are $3 each.  One is a plain paper mache and the other looks like ceramic, but it's really more of a white paper mache.
I decided to Frenchify the brown paper mache one.  I started by giving it a few coats of white paint.  Then I tried to hand-stamp some French script on it.  Fail!  Because it's not completely flat, the ink had some gaps.  Plan B was to print out French Script on clear sticker paper.  I simply traced the bunny, peeled and stick.  Voila!
Meanwhile over at Michael's, these lace clothes pins are on clearance for about $1.59.  Of course I grabbed a few and gave them a French touch too.

It's gorgeous out today so I'm taking advantage and getting some spray painting in for future projects.  Less than two weeks until spring...


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  1. Hi Jeanine, Love the bunnies. I was just at Target but they didn't have the bunny's. I did see some large eggs like this. I had fun in the dollar bins!!
    Great idea for the large clothes pins with the lace.
    Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  2. They came out so pretty! 2 weeks til spring ~ can't wait!
    Have a happy one, Jeanine!


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