Petite Marie Antoinette Pillow

by - May 09, 2012

I think you can tell from my photos that, yes, it's another rainy, dreary day in NY.  I'm getting a little frustrated being stuck in the house - especially when I have a ton of projects planned that need spray paint.  Sigh!  Still, I did manage to whip up this petite Marie Antoinette pillow before the weather put me in a funk.

I hand-stamped the French script and Eiffel Tower postmark first using black ink.  Then I used my Marie stamp to use over the French script.
You know the rest: sew, stuff and done!  Right now I have her peeking out of a basket filled with book stacks in the livingroom.  I'm sure she'll be moved around 100 times until I find the perfect spot.

Hoping for blue skies tomorrow!


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  1. Your pillow is beautiful!

    I think we are going on 3 weeks with rain. :(


  2. Wow and they say the Pacific Northwest is a rain forest..hardly rains here at all anymore, well, compared to 20 years ago..
    Your little pillow is very delicate and pretty..nice job.

  3. I LOVE this and I DON'T love this weather either! Here in the Midwest we've had rain every day for weeks . . . I've resorted to moving the cars out of the garage and spray painting out there! How big is this pillow? I love the combination of images on it!

  4. Very pretty; love the images you've used on it!


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