French Slate Plaque

by - May 29, 2012

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!  We were so busy with company and barbeques that I was only able to get one project done.  I actually remembered to take a before photo for once:

I don't even remember how we acquired this.  I'm certain I didn't buy it at a garage sale and my husband doesn't think someone in his family gave to us.  Either way, it needed a makeover stat!
After a few coats of spray paint, I had a clean slate (no pun intended!) to work with.  I printed off this great image from The Graphics Fairy - one I have used probably a thousand times - onto label paper. 
I added it to the slate and then gave everything a coat of clear spray.  I finished up with some twine so I can hang it back up - when I find the perfect place for it.

Another quick and easy project - my favorite!


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