Petite Salle de Bain (Bathroom) Sign

by - February 19, 2013

Is it me or is Blogger having issues again?  I keep getting error messages and holy moly, is anyone else receiving a lot of spam messages?  Thankfully, I have my comment settings set to approval because you cannot believe all of the spam I'm getting!

Anywho, I had this little wood plaque sitting around for a few months.  I had painted it robin's egg blue and planned to use it for another project that never materialized.  So instead of continuing to allow it to collect dust, I made this quick Salle de Bain sign for our bathroom door.

I printed out the text onto clear label paper.  I wasn't in the mood for a lot of cutting so I just left a border.  Peel and stick, and done!
Next, I added the little number plaque to the bottom - giving it a kind of French hotel look (in my mind anyway!).  You can't tell from the photos but the door is white (it looks pink in the photos for some reason) and the blue gives it a nice pop of color.

Of course the hubby will either walk right pass it or I'll hear, "Hon, what does Sally d Bain mean?"  Lol!


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  1. Hi Jeanine, Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. Your bathroom sign is lovely. That was a smart idea to leave the border. It gives the letters a nice shading effect.
    Have a Wonderful Day,

  2. That was a good use for it! I hate when I have things that I find months later and forgot what I bought it for. It usually gets used as another project. Love the number plate.

  3. Very cute sign. Love the additional detail of the number.
    Mary Alice

  4. Sounds like something MR. MST would say:-) Love your sweet sign and the extra number embellishment.
    What a headache to be getting so much spam. I've been getting some here and there also, but nothing major.

  5. very cute project! I am starting to get spam too...not cool!


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