Rock Lobster...Tray

by - May 20, 2013

Remember the little wood tray I picked up over the weekend at a local garage sale?  It has officially become part of my beachy porch.

I wanted a little tray to serve drinks and snacks on and well, this was just perfect.  I gave it a fresh coat of white paint (a couple actually), did a little sanding around the edges and added the lobster image (from the Graphics Fairy).
I used waterslide decal paper again, although I'm a little nervous since this will be outside.  I'm sure the heat and humidity will do a number on it, and I'll have to redo it before summer is over.
For now, I'm enjoying every minute of it.  Drinks are served!


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  1. Nice! I could go for some lobster right about now, too. And a raspberry lemonade! It's so humid here today.


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