Makeshift Mantle

by - December 01, 2013

Sadly, we do not have a mantle in our home.  Every Xmas I wish we did.  Since we don't, I have to create a makeshift mantle of sorts out of the corner cabinet in our dining room.

I dress up the top of each year as if it were a mantle.  This year, I have a bunch of jars with bottle brush trees, a cloche, an apothecary jar filled with decorated matchboxes and this bird cage that is up year-round.  This year I added some faux greenery.
I added my star garland after I took the first picture.  I used some pre-cut, self-sticking stars and twine to create the garland.
The cabinet houses my snowman collection.  
I gave my vintage typewriter a holiday touch as well.

Yesterday we put up our outside Xmas lights.  I'm still in the process of dressing up our porch.


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  1. Looks great! I hurt my back on Friday, which I felt after putting bins back in the attic. So I've been laid up for the past couple of days. I got most of it all done inside Friday. I went very simple this year. I still have to get to the outside.


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