Quick Change Artist

by - December 28, 2013

So our upstairs carpeting was completed today.  Yay!  While I was milling about the house waiting for them to finish, I started tinkering with some of my cloches and other glass pieces.  Since all of our holiday goodies are packed away now, I was shopping the house for quick ways to update.

This is how my faux mantel looked for the holidays.  And here it is now.
Less cluttered and more simple.  Blue and white hues.
For this cloche, I added some embellished match boxes.
This one has a Frenchy votive.  Sorry about the glare!  You know how it is with glass and sunlight.  ;)
I added an urn with faux moss to this one.
And of course I started playing around with some ideas for Valentine's Day.
My husband just scratches his head.  But I remind him that love isn't just for Valentine's Day - it's for everyday!

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  1. Love the new look!!
    Christmas night the Pinterest boards were filled with Valentine pins!

  2. I really love your mantel vignette, Jeanine! It's great you used what you already have, love all of your pretty glass pieces. I sure wish I knew the secret how to photograph glass cloches without getting any glare!! Your eggs are so cute, makes me want to decorate for spring already!!


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