Villa Barnes-Inspired French Can

by - February 17, 2014

I know I'm not the only one in awe of Rosemary at Villa Barnes. She recently did a post on upcycling a can with a crinkle paint effect.  I loved the look so thought I would take a stab at it.

I didn't get the crinkle look I was hoping for like Rosemary did. Wondering if I added too much water to my glue?!  Still I love the overall look of my can.
I painted the can white (over the glue/water mixture).  Then I printed out the French script (from The Graphics Fairy) onto tissue paper and used Mod Podge to add it to the front of my can.
I'm definitely going to try this again because I do love the crinkle paint look Rosemary has mastered.  Check out her blog to see her other amazing projects and techniques!

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  1. It's gorgeous, Jeanine! Love the script. Thanks for the shout out. Try less water next time, for the crackle look.

  2. She is very talented, as are you, this is pretty!

  3. I love Rosemary and all of her creative finishes! Your can turned out great, love the French script!

  4. Whoa. I never thought that cans are designed only by colors, yet I’m delighted to see such marvelous French can design! Spectacular to see more from you Jeanine. You have always a classy idea!

    Sebastian Chuter


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