Uh Oh, I'm Hooked...

by - July 09, 2014

After seeing and reading so much about Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine in the blogosphere, I finally bought an issue off of eBay.  Boy, oh boy, am I hooked!

Yup, I've already bought three issues.
The magazine costs $13.95 a pop (I look for sellers on both eBay and Etsy offering free or cheap shipping).  Ordinarily a bit pricey for me but my theory is they provide tons of inspiration and I will likely hold on to them for years to come.
My husband still doesn't get a $13.95 magazine.  I told him since I don't get my hair or nails done (ever!), this is my one little splurge that's mine all mine.
Seriously, look at these pages filled with French and shabby goodness!

Yes, I am hooked!


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  1. I like the pictures you are showing; I bought one, once and wasn't that excited about it. For that price {practically a book!} I expect "wow" every time from a magazine. I should give it another try, but maybe skim through it in person before I buy it. That one time I bought it online.

  2. This magazine/book is really wonderful. I was just reading through a few I have as well. Always great pics and ideas.
    Have a nice weekend.


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