Upcycled Vintage Chalkboard

by - July 06, 2016

I bought this vintage chalkboard a couple of years ago at an estate sale.  For a while, I covered the ugly green paint with sheet music and book paper.  

Yuck, right?!  I always knew I wanted to re-paint it with black chalkboard paint and this weekend was the perfect time to tackle this project.  So I broke out the chalkboard paint and got busy.
Here it is now.
Using a chalk marker and stencil, I added my French graphics to the middle.
I have a few little spots I need to touch-up, but overall this baby's done!  What's nice is the chalk marker is not permanent, so when my mood changes, I can change the look with it.  =)


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  1. Love vintage chalkboard and love the stencil idea! I've recently added a chalkboard on a door and keep wondering what to put on it. Words? Seasonal greetings? Eh. But a stencil? Perfect! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Turned out great Jeanine. Love the French Stencil. Happy Summer!

  3. Love your makeover chalk board! The stencil image is perfect. Great job.



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