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by - January 05, 2017

I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start!  I haven't started any new projects yet because I have two little boys home sick from school this week.

Lucky me, though, found a vintage Scrabble game before Christmas at our local Goodwill.  In between the holidays, I whipped up a few Frenchy desk "plaques."
All I needed was the Scrabble tiles, tile holder and hot glue gun.  I made the Bonjour and Merci ones for my Etsy shop.  I made myself a Bienvenue one, which I have on our tv table as a sweet welcome.
I actually made this little Love Scrabble ornament last year. Somehow it got buried in my craft room (don't you hate when that happens?!).  I was happy to find it as I'll be decorating for Valentine's Day soon.
Don't you love working with Scrabble tiles?!


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  1. Cute ideas - I don't craft with Scrabble tiles, BUT I love a good scrabble game!!

  2. How very cute!!! I love those old tiles, too. They make fun little Christmas gifts made into little joyful signs, too. Happy New Year to you but sorry you have sick little ones. xo Diana


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