~valentine's day book stack~

by - January 24, 2017

I love book stacks.  I have them all over the house.  Sure, it pains me to rip apart perfectly good books, but the end result is so worth it.

I'm not making much for Valentine's Day this year since I have a ton of decorations from previous years and I've simply run out of room.  Still, I wanted to make something.
I used three books, vintage lace, buttons, twine, my glue gun and some other pieces.  First, glue all of your lace onto the fronts of the books.  Then add your buttons.  I printed out the Cupid image onto sticker paper so I could just peel and stick it onto the first book.
Tie with twine and done!

I have three more books and will likely make another set just because I love them so much.


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