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by - June 05, 2017

Lately I feel like all of my projects are a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I'm still searching for something to get my creativity really flowing again. 

I did find this cute bottle at the thrift store on Friday.  It was pre-wired and ready to be hung.  All I did was add the French label using some clear transfer paper.
Then I finally broke out this great stencil I purchased from Angie from Knick of Time's Etsy shop to make a new tea towel for my kitchen.  I swear I am the world's worst stenciler.  If someone has any tips on how to keep my hand steady and how to secure the stencil while painting it - I'm all ears!  I tried tape but somehow it still moved.
These beauties I found at a garage sale over the weekend.

My boys will be off from school soon, so I'm in panic mode a little because once summer comes I will have even less time to craft.


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