~reverse canvas sign~

by - June 18, 2018

I am NOT the best sign maker.  I am horrible at stenciling.  I do not have a steady hand.  Most of my signs have been epic fails.  So when I saw Live Craft Love's post on making a reverse canvas sign, I was intrigued. (Click the link above to go to her post.)
I bought a rinky-dink canvas from Target for $2.  First step was to remove the canvas from the wood frame - including all of the staples and glue.  Check.  Then you stain the wood.  Check.  The next step I kind of did on my own.  I used my Cricut (Signatures Font cartridge) to print out my hi on vinyl paper.
I just had to peel and stick to get it on the canvas.  Once that was done, I trimmed off the excess canvas and stapled it to the back of the wood.  Seriously, how easy was that?!  And now I have a cute, new decorative wood sign for the house.

Be sure to check out Live Craft Love's post for the full tutorial.  I can't wait to make more of these adorable little signs.


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  1. Very sweet
    Ps I may not always comment but I always visit your posts.


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