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by - November 12, 2020


Omg, omg, I'm so excited to share this next Under $25 Holiday Gifts post!  This is definitely one of those "where has this product been all my life?" finds - and it's courtesy of Color Street*.

For those of you who don't know, Color Street "offers a vast array of colors and nail art design" in the form of 100% nail polish strips.  The strips include "base, color and top in every strip with the bonus of no drying time.  The colors are vibrant, the finishes glossy and they easily adhere to the nail instantly."  Prices range from $11-$13.

Seriously, where have these been all my life?!  I'm the world's worst DIY manicurist.  Soooooo, I was really nervous about trying these.  Each set comes with 16 double-ended nail polish strips, a nail file and wipe (to clean nails before application).

All you have to do is: 1. Remove the clear cover;  2. Peel polish strip;  3. Tear tab and select end; 4. Apply to nail and gently stretch to fit; and 5. File excess strip.  And - voila! - instant manicured nails.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with my first attempt!  (This color is Gratitude is Everything.)  It only took me about 10-12 minutes from start to finish.  I imagine I'll get better with time.

And the color lasts for days!  With all the COVID hand-washing, I thought for sure the color would peel.  Nope!  However, the color can be removed with ordinary nail polish remover.

These would make for great stocking stuffers for any special lady on your gift list.  Find them by at Color Street.


* Note: I received a review sample from Color Street.  However, all opinions, text, images (except those provided by Color Street), etc. are honest and my own.  This blog does not contain any content that might present a conflict of interest.  Affiliate links and/or monetary compensation will always be disclosed.

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  1. Both of my daughters have been selling Color Street and now have me hooked...I still havent mastered getting them done in 10 minutes, but I am working on being more efficient!

    1. OMG, I am definitely obsessed with them! I'm horrible at giving myself manicures, but this was easy peasy.


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