~who's ready for valentine's day?~

by - January 14, 2022

(Love bottles)

I am, I am!
(Tiered trays from Target)

We're gearing up for a snowstorm this weekend.  Imagine a snowstorm in...winter?!
(Tiered trays from Target)

We're pretty well prepared as we've been stocking up little by little over the last few months.
(Close up of Target tiered tray)

It's a three-day weekend, and I'm looking forward to breaking out the rest of our Valentine's Day decor.
(Dollar Tree Kissing Booth sign)

Have you started decorating yet?


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  1. I have my tiered tray decorated and a tray on my coffee table - lots of red and pink around here!! We are expecting about 8" snow on Sunday night!


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