Patriotic Clothes Pins

by - 5:15 PM

I typically have a bunch of leftover clothes pins floating around.  Mostly cast-offs from my Etsy shop.  You know, the ones that don't come out quite right?  Instead of tossing them, I usually paint over my oopsies and re-use them elsewhere - like for these red, white and blue pins:

I used some acrylic paint and painted each one in the appropriate colors.  I didn't have the dark blue I needed so I just improvised.  I used some sand paper to shabby up the edges.

I was thinking of drawing some stars on them but I'm far from an artist.  Stars seems easy enough but the few practice ones I did came out really bad.  Bleah! 

So this is how they will stay for now.  I'm sure I'll find some great July 4th decorations to hang with them!


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