Easy Father's Day Gift

by - June 11, 2011

It's raining in this neck of the woods today so no garage sales for moi.  =(  I'm actually kind of relieved as I have visions/plans for a number of projects that I wouldn't mind tackling this weekend.  First up is this quick Father's Day pocketwatch:

I picked up the watch piece from Michaels.  It opens in the back so you can add photos, little tidbits, etc.  This one is for my Dad a.ka. Pop Pop for Father's Day.  The boys helped me pick out their photo to use.  Then I added some black tea-stained seam binding for the "chain" and hand-stamped Happy Father's Day!!! to a small coffee tag. 

I think my Dad will love it!

So is your weekend a total rainout too?


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  1. Hi Jeanine.
    Barbara linked you. And I am glad she did. You have a wonderful blog. Your Etsy shop. wow so many goodies. We have the same style. I added you to my cirle and favs. :)
    I have a big anniversary give away in my blog now.Perhaps you like to join? :)
    Lineca from Norway

  2. Amazing you are!! Great Idea.. Love it...
    Might do that for my husband (from kids)for his keychain. Darling
    Gracefully Vintage

  3. Hi Jeanine!

    This is a great gift idea. Who wouldn't love it? Thanks for the idea!

    Today was finally a nice day here.

    Have a good Sunday!


  4. I saw those last time I was there and thought they would make a great project. Never even thought of a Father's Day gift. Dad will love it.


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