Alice Dish Towels

by - June 28, 2011

Oh what a labor of love these Alice in Wonderland dish towels have been.  First, my iron burned some cheap transfer paper I had (won't be buying that brand again!).  The cheap transfer paper made the iron brown and sticky.  I tried cleaning it off to no avail and when I tried to use better transfer paper, brown yuck got all over the towel.  Off to Walmart me and the little guy went for a brand new $13 iron to get this:

I love this great tea party image and I think it looks perfect on these Walmart dish towels!  Sweet and simple!  Here's a close-up of the image:
Now that I have a brand-spanking-new iron (did I mention it was only $13????!!), I have a lot more dish towels to tackle!


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  1. They turned out great...even better you persevered over the iron and bad transfer paper and al the rest and you have some very sweet towels to prove it!!! Have fun making more, t. xoxoxoox

  2. Such a sweet image! Good for you, you won! lol

  3. so sweet I love them.Now you have to have a tea party

  4. Oooooh...I love these! That graphic looks fabulous! Happy week!...hugs....Debbie

  5. Despite the rough start, they turned out great! I love the Alice in Wonderland image!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Turned out great! Everyone needs a new iron at some time. Hugs, Ginger


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