Sunday Primping

by - June 12, 2011

I must confess, I love my yard this time of year.  My husband does such a wonderful job maintaining the "grounds."  I'm also reminded of some of our most favorite backyard finds:

This old pump was an upstate NY salvage find when we first got married.  I remember being terrified plopping down the $100 to get it.  It still works as we have a water hole right underneath it.  I love the little pail hanging on the spout.
My husband got this from an old boat in Cape Cod.  I don't know how he got it loaded in his car at the time but it's happily resided in our yard for years now.
Our fish pond.  Another of my husband's creations.  It's well stocked with koi and goldfish.  Some of the koi are huge!  Can you tell it rained earlier today?
Our favorite place to unwind with the boys.  Now how did that buoy end up on the ground?  Boys????!!
Some fun touches in the tea room.  Excuse the dead bug carcasses on the floor.  I'm recharging our bug vac as we speak!
Some random shots:
Freshly planted flowers in a vintage shoe shine metal tin.  A garage sale find of course.
Dried lavender from last year's "crop."  The fleurs pail is yet another garage sale score!

Pull up a chair!  A basket full of cute MyAdobe (Etsy) pillows.

Thank you and please come again - lol!  ;)


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