Upcycled Goodwill Frames

by - July 21, 2011

Woohoo!  Sorry but I can't contain my excitement that the men are away for the weekend.  Of course I miss my little guys terribly but I'm getting so much done since they left this morning.  Finally, some much-needed craft time!  I literally just finished up these Goodwill picture frames a little while ago. 

Here is the before with the lovely 3-tier pastry thing-y I also picked up from GW.  That's undergoing it's own makeover tonight!  But before I get to the reveal, I just want to ask: has anyone else noticed that the price of frames have shot up?   I mean even the ones at Walmart are over $5 and those are for a mere 5x7 size.  Oh well.  I guess I'll just have to keep grabbing them at GW and spray painting them white or black:
I ran out of flat white spray so I had to use gloss.  I'm not normally a big fan of gloss paint but I do like how it looks with the vintage French map images I printed from The Graphics Fairy.  Light and airy!  Just the look I was hoping for!

I'm also busy adding new items to my Etsy shop.  Now that the candle madness has died down a little, I hope to get as much done while the kiddies are away.


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