Glass Cloche or Butter Dish?

by - July 19, 2011

I stopped in our local Home Goods over the weekend and spotted a cute little glass dome butter dish.  For $3.99, I thought it was a steal.  No, not for butter but to use as a petite glass cloche!

I laid a vintage doily on the bottom of the dish.  Then I added a skeleton key and a distressed French poetry page.  Everything fits perfectly!
And it's the ideal size to display on my vintage book stack!


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  1. Great idea! Now I must stop at Home Goods this week. :)

    ~Aaron {the girl with the boy's name}

    Mudpies & marigolds

  2. I love it Jeanine!!!! Everything looks so special under glass, doesn't it? And you're right, it's the perfect size too :) hugs and love, Dawn

  3. It's very cute...lucky you!


  4. I love cloches, and yours is just adorable! I've not seen any Home Goods since we moved out here, phooey! I love that store! What a beautiful display!

  5. I am always on the look out for them also just love the look you created

  6. Sure, why not! You could even use one of those cheese domes.


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