Monday, October 31, 2011

Bee Box

Happy Halloween everyone!  It's been a crazy day and now that the madness has died down, I have a quickie project to show.  Remember that little candy tin I got at the church thrift store sale? Here it is now:
I bought this image off of Etsy a week or so ago, and althought I can't stand bugs, I do love to decorate with bees.  I printed it off onto some sheet music and glued it to the front of my tin.  Then I glued some scrapbook paper to the bottom and the sides.  Lastly, I hot glued some black tea-stained seam binding for the sides and back of the lid.
Not sure if you can tell but I also lined it with some French poetry book paper, which I distressed a bit.  I just couldn't resist adding a French-y touch! 

It perfectly holds my Martha Stewart Living baker's twine!

Hope everyone had a lovely and safe Halloween!  And happy birthday to my sister Kathy!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday's Thrifty Finds

Yup, it's snowing here today.  Can you believe it?!  No real accumulation but enough to make it messy.  It wasn't messy enough to keep me from my favorite church thrift store's annual fall fair.  Popped over there this morning and it did not disappoint:
How cute is the snowman?  I got it for $1.  One booth allowed you to fill a bag for a buck.  I could have gone to town but I tried to hold myself back so I wouldn't feel more guilty than I already did.  I always give them a few bucks extra because it's for such a great cause.
I got two styrofoam Xmas trees, one styrofoam wreath that I am determined to do something grand with this year, two little wreaths, tons of holiday-ish fabric, a little box and some twine.
Then I spied the little wood sled for $1 and the scented wreath - also $1.  The little candy tin was 50 cents.  I'm picturing the sled painted either black or white and then covered in vintage sheet music with a fabulous Graphics Fairy image in the middle.

Still trying to decide what to do with the box and candy tin but I'm sure those two makeover will include sheet music.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Embellished Ikea Picture Frame

I really love the embellished frames my sister Kathy from Creative Home Expressions makes.  In fact, she has some for sale in her Etsy shop.  Me, I'm trying to work my way through my craft room trying to use things I already have for some projects.  Since I had this white Ikea frame, I decided to make an embellished frame too:
I printed out the French script onto cardstock.  Then I printed the little crown onto the French script.  Easy enough!  I also had the little fleur de lis lying around so I painted that white and glued it to the top of the frame.
Don't you just love the look of a clean, white frame with a French touch?  I know I do!

For now it's on my little antique school desk but once I take down the Halloween decorations next week, I'll find a more permanent home for it.

I have one more frame left and one more fleur de lis.  I'm planning to do a holiday one next!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holiday Tussy Mussy

Don't you love when you have everything you need for a project and don't have to make a last minute run to Michael's or AC Moore for something you need?!  I was ecstatic this morning when I realized I had everything I need to make this holiday tussy mussy:
First I printed off the French script onto plain white paper.  I bought this great image off of Etsy for $1.  That's right, $1!  I wrapped it around my cone and glued it on.  Then I used some Distressed Ink to age it a little.
Next, I ripped some regular craft paper and distressed its edges.  Add a quick stamp of joyeux noel and some rhinestones, glue on the craft paper piece and that part's done.  Final step was to hot glue my fur on top and vintage lace on the bottom.

Super easy and super French!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holiday Soaps's a bit chilly here today, so I didn't feel guilty whipping up a few more Xmas goodies this morning.  Last year someone gave me a bowl filled with these scented soaps.  They are wrapped in plastic still making them perfect for this makeover:
I bought a disc with a ton of these vintage holiday card images off of Ebay a few years ago.  This was before I discovered the joys of Etsy.  Still, they come in handy and I used them today for my holiday soaps.
Obviously, blue was the theme - although my bathroom is pink?!  It didn't dawn on me until they were all done.  Oh well, I still think they will look cute in there stacked on the wall-mounted soap dish we never use.

You could probably even use some holiday wrapping paper to make these.  All I did was print off the images, cut them to fit my soaps and then adhered them on with Glue Dots.  I like that I can use them again and again depending upon the holiday and images I have on hand.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Xmas Gift Down, Many More to Go!

I hope my mom isn't reading today's post!  I actually started planning some of the holiday gifts that I want to make this year.  First up is one for my mom:
These ceramic Dollar Store mugs are just great.  My mom is a big coffee drinker and she likes to alternate her pretty mugs each morning.  I'm hoping she likes these!
I hand-stamped Mode de Paris in black ink on the bottom of each one.  Once that dried, I gave both mugs a coat of poly spray to seal the ink.  I was careful not to get any on the inside though - that would be kind of gross and maybe not safe?!

Simple and sweet I think.
And while I was at it, I made a Mode de Paris soap dish which you can find in my Etsy shop.  I love the look of the white dish, black ink and Frenchy words for this one.  Might try a blue or green one next!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vintage Holiday Book Stack

What is it about plain ol' craft paper that gives everything the perfect rustic touch?  Since I've got Xmas on the brain, I wanted to do a holiday book stack:
First I measured my craft paper to wrap around my books.  Then I hand-stamped the Xmas sheet music to the bindings part.  Can you see my little oopsie?
After wrapping each book, I printed out this great Xmas image from the Graphics Fairy for the front book.  I'm not sure if you can tell but there is some German glass glitter on the front as well.  Lastly, I wrapped them together with some twine.
I think these will look lovely in my bookcase for the holidays!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Now It's Pottery Barn's Fault

Here we are 2 weeks away from Halloween and I've got Xmas on the brain.  First it was Home Goods' fault and now I blame it all on Pottery Barn.  I just got their new holiday catalog and it's definitely put me in an Xmas mood.
I picked up a few of these battery-operated candles from AC Moore earlier this week with the intent of using them for Halloween.  But after flipping through the PB catalog, I decided to make some for Xmas too.
I hand-stamped some Xmas holiday music onto plain ol' craft paper.  Then I used some dots to adhere it to my candle.  I tied some twine around the top with some jingle bells for a rustic look.  Super easy and the candles were only $2.99 at AC Moore - although I'm sure the Christmas Tree Shoppes will have them cheaper as we get closer to the holidays.
I can't wait to put a few of these in our front windows in December!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blame It on Home Goods

We popped into our favorite Home Goods over the weekend looking for something we could use as an island in our new kitchen.  Of course they had their Xmas goodies out already and I spied this neat picture frame with wooden letters spelling out peace.  Since I couldn't bring myself to buy any Xmas items yet, I did the next best thing:
I made my own!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the letters to spell out peace, so this morning I headed over to AC Moore (they have redeemed themselves with me after correcting the coupon fiasco many people - including me! - encountered with them) and you know what?  They were out of those letters too!  

Plan B was to spell out the word joy, which is exactly what I did here.  These letters were pre-painted black - saving me the time and effort of painting them - and were only 29 cents each.  Yuppers, 29 cents each!  The frame was $3.50 and I had a 40 percent off coupon for it.  The red border was $1.50 I think and I had the sheet music.

I simply added my sheet music and put the glass behind the sheet music so the frame would still stay thick but the letters would stick out.  I used glue dots to attach each letter.

Seriously super easy.  The Home Goods one was $9.99.  I got them beat at approximately $3.47 before tax!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Garage Sale Basket Halloween Makeover

I picked up this little black basket at a garage sale yesterday morning.  I gave it a quick Halloween makeover last night.  Everything can easily be removed so I can use it for Thanksgiving, Xmas, etc. too:
I added a few crumpled pieces of orange tissue paper to the bottom - which came from a thrift store - and then added the sheet that is just slightly coming up from the top.  My 4 year old wanted to add the skeletons which we got from Home Goods last year.  Could have sworn I had 4 of them but we could only locate three - lol!

I tied on some orange tea-stained seam binding as a finishing touch.  We hung it on the porch.  I will be adding more photos of our porch Halloween decor this week.

Once again, a quick, easy and cheap project!  My favorite kind!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Americana primitives seems to be the theme for this morning's garage sale finds:
The wooden pilgrim will look cute hanging on our front door next month.  The little ladder was just too adorable to resist - although I have no idea where I'm putting it yet.  The little globe is designated for the 6 year old's room - after his father tightens up some loose screws.  And lastly, the little black basket is the perfect Halloween find!  I think I have some orange tissue paper I can add to it with some random Halloween goodies.

Not bad for $4!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

$2 Garage Sale Frame Makeover

This $2 garage sale frame has been sitting in my home office since July.  Yup, July.  I kept knocking into it this past week so something just had to be done with it:
I have been wanting to use this Graphics Fairy image for a while now.  I printed out the image onto transfer paper and ironed it onto a piece of scrap Osnaburg fabric.  I gathered up some random French-y pieces to add as well.  I hand-stamped the coffee tag with a vintage-inspired French postcard.  Then I added some French book paper - after distressing the front and edges.  The Parisien tag is also from The Graphics Fairy.

I was hoping to have a larger key but, alas, I did not so I had to use the little one.  I like the shadowbox look and feel of it!  AND that I had everything I needed!

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