Blame It on Home Goods

by - October 11, 2011

We popped into our favorite Home Goods over the weekend looking for something we could use as an island in our new kitchen.  Of course they had their Xmas goodies out already and I spied this neat picture frame with wooden letters spelling out peace.  Since I couldn't bring myself to buy any Xmas items yet, I did the next best thing:

I made my own!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the letters to spell out peace, so this morning I headed over to AC Moore (they have redeemed themselves with me after correcting the coupon fiasco many people - including me! - encountered with them) and you know what?  They were out of those letters too!  

Plan B was to spell out the word joy, which is exactly what I did here.  These letters were pre-painted black - saving me the time and effort of painting them - and were only 29 cents each.  Yuppers, 29 cents each!  The frame was $3.50 and I had a 40 percent off coupon for it.  The red border was $1.50 I think and I had the sheet music.

I simply added my sheet music and put the glass behind the sheet music so the frame would still stay thick but the letters would stick out.  I used glue dots to attach each letter.

Seriously super easy.  The Home Goods one was $9.99.  I got them beat at approximately $3.47 before tax!


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  1. Good job! And, very cute. Home Goods got nothin on you.


  2. Love this! Would make such a cute gift!

  3. i LOVE this, so cool how the music totally sets it off and makes you feel festive :)


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