White Wednesday

by - August 07, 2013

Just some quickie makeovers for White Wednesday.

Drawing inspiration from Petite Michelle Louise, I turned an ordinary ceramic canister (from AmVets) into a Frenchie piece.
I simply printed off the image onto label paper, peeled and stuck!  Super duper easy.  What's nice is, when I get bored with that image, I can just stick on another one.
This little flower frog I picked up at a garage sale over the weekend.  It was a whopping 50 cents and was originally black.
Here's how it looks after a few coats of white spray paint.  I also added some French book paper - after making it a little grungy with Distressed Ink - to each square.  And stuck a French flashcard inside.


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  1. Nice creations. The canister with the image is so pretty.


  2. Now, let me get this straight...there's such a thing as large sticker paper?? I would LOVE to do this to my plain white canister set. Something frenchy....and cute....and cheap.:)
    I am going to try this.....thanks for the tips.
    xo bj


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