Autumn Touches

by - September 15, 2013

I'm slowly bringing out some fall pieces to add to the porch.  It was sad taking down the beachy items that I had on there for summer. But as the seasons change, so too does our decor.  

This is still very much a work in progress.  Some faux flowers from the Dollar Store fit nicely in a vintage jug.  The white pumpkins are from Home Goods.  I think they are about 2-3 years old already.
I love oranges and yellows for fall!  Another vintage jug and faux flowers.  I'm still waiting to get some mums.
I think the red ottoman works for fall as well for summer.  I added some faux orange pumpkins after I took the first two photos.
This basket is from the Christmas Tree Shoppes and is filled with faux gourds from Walmart.
I couldn't resist this autumn welcome sign - also from the Christmas Tree Shoppes.
This sign is from Michael's.  It was 40 percent off when I picked it up.

Call me crazy but I'll probably starting putting out some Halloween decorations next week.  It's my favorite holiday and I'm just itching to add some spooky touches about the house - in and out.


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  1. Of course, Halloween is your favorite holiday! : ) Sorry I haven't been around much this past week. I've been going through the blahs and stomach issues. I hope you've been having some nice weather; ours just changed over Friday and will be going back up into the 80's come Wed. I'm going to start decorating for Fall inside anyway {and Halloween}. You got some great things at Christmas Tree Shop ~ love the pumpkin patch sign.

  2. Very pretty Jeanine.. I was at the Christmas Tree store yesterday and bought a few fall decorations myself. Sad to see the beachy stuff going away but I do like fall


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