If It's Free, It's for Me

by - September 23, 2013

While on our way to my Mom's for Sunday dinner, we came across a bunch of curbside garage sale loot.  Best part, it was free for the taking!

I grabbed this cute little concrete statue.  It had not one, but two old wasp nests tucked inside.  Gross!  But still a sweet find.
These plates are Limoges and there were six of them just sitting there.  Mine!
I found this great French/English dictionary after digging through loads of boxes of books.

My parents were kicking themselves because they had been there the day before and paid for their goodies.  Mine were all free!  The hubby also picked up a glass terrarium.


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  1. Great statue! I was looking at some at an estate sale on Saturday, but they were all broken in some way so none came home with me.


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