This Weekend's Thrifty Finds

by - October 20, 2013

Lucky me!  We had a bunch of small fall fairs and garage sales to hit this weekend.  Saw LOTS of overpriced pieces, but did manage to score a few gems.

This wreath is originally from Target.  The price tag says $25. Ouch!  I picked it up for $3.  And how great are the sleigh bells?  I love how they look just draped over the wreath.  They were 50 cents.
This vintage cow bell was only $2.  It's a nice one to add to my small collection.
The Bobsey Twins books were 2 for $1.  On top is a vintage biscuit cutter.  That was $2.  Ignore the dust on the floor.  We were getting our electric panel updated this weekend.  No power = no vacuuming for me.
I think these little Santa candle holders are adorable so I had to bring them home with me too.  Only $1 for the set of 2 - although they are marked $2.  I would have loved if they were facing right and left - instead of left and left, but what can you do?
I scored not one, but two, Scrabble games.  Of course, I grabbed them for crafting purposes but my boys enjoy playing Scrabble, so I'm letting them have the newer version to play with.  Got a bunch of fabric quarters in holiday-ish color palettes.  
My 6 year old loves the cat and owl cookie cutters.  I'll be painting the wood server and giving it a Frenchy touch no doubt.  Looking forward to using it as centerpiece of sorts for the holidays.

Not a bad haul for the weekend.  Overall, I spent about $25 for everything (including some kid stuff not pictured).


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