The Accidental Santa Pillow

by - October 25, 2013

I'm calling this my accidental Santa pillow.  Yup, I never intended to make a pillow yesterday.  

I was working on some decorative bowl filler sacks using some vintage fabric.  I got this great ticking from Etsy earlier in the week from one of my favorite shops - Kitteridge Mercantile.  Anywho, I had this long piece and after I had sewed the sides and bottom, I realized it was too long for a sack.
Long story short, I ended up adding some filling and closing up the side that was still open.  So now I had a plain pillow.  I went through my crafting stash and couldn't find anything I liked to add to the front.  I spied one tiny piece of iron-on transfer paper and printed off this Santa image.
Problem was, I had already stuffed the pillow.  Could I iron-on the transfer when it wasn't completely flat?  The answer to that question is yes!  It was definitely tricky but as you can see, my image transferred on just fine - albeit, it's a little light.  I added a grungy bell and 25 tag on a red safety pin to finish it up.

And that is the story of my accidental Santa pillow!


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