Jazzing Up Dollar Store Ornaments

by - December 03, 2013

I picked up a few Xmas ornaments over the weekend at our local Dollar store.  They are super cute and glittery, but definitely missing a little something-something.

I can't make a paper snowflake to save my life so I immediately grabbed a three-pack of these glitter snowflakes.  I printed out some religious images onto label paper to start.
The images are super small which was ideal for this project because the middle of each snowflake is no bigger than an inch and a half.
Next, I cut out some French book paper and distressed it a bit.  I added a strip to each snowflake with a good ol' fashioned glue stick.
Loving them so much more now that they have a Frenchy touch!  I also picked up two glittery bells.
They got a Frenchy touch too.  Une etoile means star.
And jouir means to enjoy.  I used vintage French flashcards and tea-stained seam binding to add to each bell.

I love that I have some new Xmas ornaments for only $3!


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