Festive Cinnamon Sticks

by - 6:28 AM

I always pick up cinnamon sticks for the holiday season.  We love adding them to a pot of water and simmering them all day, so the delicious aroma fills the house.  This year, I bought a little extra so I could do this...

My hubby cut them into little pieces for me.  I then tied them in little bundles using holiday-ish fabric - you might remember the fabric from the church fair I went to a couple of weeks ago.
I added a little faux snow to the bottom of the jar, and a vintage-inspired noel flashcard I made last week.
This could make for a pretty holiday centerpiece or you could display it on a bookcase or counter-top.  Sadly, I'm packing it away until the end of the month when I'll officially start my Xmas decorating.  Can't wait!

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