Turn Dollar Store Mugs into Super Simple Xmas Decor

by - November 17, 2014

When I saw these mugs at the Dollar store last week, the wheels immediately started turning.  

I broke out some faux moss (from a previous Dollar store trip), tea-stained seam binding and some of my hand-stamped French candles.
Add them altogether and you get a quick Xmas touch to add to a bookcase, shelf or, in my case, a staircase.
It adds just the right touch of holiday-appropriate colors: white, red and green.
And it's a super affordable way to add to your Xmas decor!

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  1. That is so darling! I really need to get myself to the dollar store. I have those candles from your shop, my stepmom got me some a while ago and they're so pretty that I never burned them all the way down:)

  2. These are lovely! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  3. I swear Girl, you are the Queen of creative ideas! I love them sitting on the stairway.


  4. What a great Christmas accent project. All the ways you have them displayed is perfect. The pop of red adds so much.
    Thanks for sharing this Dollar Store project and the inspiration. I'm stopping there today. Maybe I'll find some good stuff to create with too!

  5. Love your holiday beauty here, and I have to smile, I just bought 8 mugs from our 99 cent store for my cabinet only because there is no identifying stamp of maker or where they are from on the bottom and have that old out of shape imperfect pottery look.

    Your idea here is something I could do in my new 8.

    Love this post.



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