White Wednesday

by - November 19, 2014

An upcycled violin ornament.  
My 9 year old plays the viola and he picked this up at a garage sale over the summer.  I painted it white, added some glass glitter and a hand-stamped noel tag.  Waiting to be added to our Christmas tree.

Happy White Wednesday!

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  1. Your ornament redo is so cute! Nothing that a little paint and glitter can't solve:)

  2. sweet.
    sorry have not made it by for so long. on FB now and it takes most of my time.
    scrolling down thru your blog to catch up. love all the cuteness.

    be blessed

  3. Isn't this the sweetest ornament?? I love it. I've been on the outlook for a real size violin for some time now. When I find them they are priced way too high so I keep looking.

    Love this ornament with the tag.


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