Pottery Barn-Inspired Newspaper Candles

by - August 23, 2011

When I got my new Pottery Barn catalog this morning, I spied these wonderful newspaper text candles:

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

While I wouldn't mind stocking up on a few, I wanted to take a quick try at making my own version.
I used this French newspaper image from The Graphics Fairy.  I printed it onto clear Avery label paper.  I trimmed the image down to fit each candle and then simply peeled and sticked.  I love these labels because they have a see-through quality to them that might be hard to make out in the photos.  Here's a close-up:
Best part is once again I had everything I needed.  I'd like to do some large pillar-size ones for Halloween.  Now back to flipping through my PB catalog!


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  1. The candles look fabulous, will definitely be trying this!

  2. I just got my new PB catalog today.I love so many of their things but the prices are way too much. I swear I think they copy the bloggers. Did you see the vintage frames, whew. We sell these for $29 to $35 and they sell them in the hundreds!

    Anyway, I love your take on the candles. They look great.


  3. They look great! I'm with Sissie I think they copy blog designs too. I guess we knock them off as well LOL,so I guess its all good, except for their prices.

  4. I love these candles great job.

  5. I have made these before but not with the newsprint idea. I think I will be making some more. I am here from your other blog and am now a follower of this one too. Thank you for hosting a giveaway. I am off to post to my blog now.

  6. Thank you for the inspiration.


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