Friday's Thrifty Finds

by - December 09, 2011

The hubby and I hit an estate sale this morning while the boys were in school.  Lookie at all of the goodies we snatched up:

There is something intriguing to me about the clown with the violin.  I don't know if it's a jewelry charm or perhaps more of an ornament.  The artist painted the image onto a metal shape - which I know makes it very old.  I just can't tell what type of metal it is though.  This one may or may not go into my Etsy shop - after I do some research.  The tag says $89!!!!!!!  I paid a quarter.  Meanwhile, my husband picked out the salt and pepper shakers.  And who could resist the little frame for 50 cents?!
Once I clean up these tongs, they'll be perfect for my Xmas eve table.  The vanity mirror was another piece that intrigued me so I grabbed that as well.
A week ago I couldn't find any bottle brush trees and now they seem to be everywhere I go!  These little cuties were 10 cents each.  The ceramic tree napkin rings will also look nice on my Xmas eve table.
Twenty dollars well spent!


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  1. Well spent, indeed! That little clown is interesting. I'd like to know now what you find out about it. Especially since the tag had it as $89.00 originally!

  2. Love the s and p shakers so sweet. you had fun and good finds. I am sure the clown will turn out to be something great because it is creepy.


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