Numbered Peat Pots

by - December 08, 2011

I made a few more painted peat pots this week and I think I'm becoming a little obsessed.  For this batch, I added some number tags along with the buttons I used on my previous bird one:

The first one is filled with rolled vintage sheet music and ones I downloaded from The Graphics Fairy.
The other two I'm still deciding on what to fill them with.  For now they are filled with shredded sheet music.  I'm leaning towards adding some fresh greens and pinecones to them for a natural, festive look.

I love that these are super simple to make and I think they'll transition nicely into my regular home decor after the holidays!


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  1. How fun! I really need to get some peat pots, this looks like a very addicting project:) And I love your idea of adding fresh greens and pinecones, too.


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