Christmas Touches

by - December 03, 2011

We're planning on putting up our tree this weekend, but in the meantime wanted to share some more Christmas touches about the house.  Cindy from Cottage Instincts helped with the inspiration for these mason jars:

I had filled them with some shredded vintage sheet music but that's about as far as I got until I popped over to Cindy's yesterday.  I loved her jars so much that I immediately went to the Dollar Store to get some big ornaments to put on the top of each one.  I love the look of the twine ribbon too.
These clogs are actually from two years ago.  I had gotten the idea from Martha Stewart's now defunct Blueprint magazine.  They add a touch of color to the porch.
This little porch table is still a work in progress.  I feel like it's still missing a little something.
And there is an awful lot of JOY in our house this year:
More here:
And here:
Here too:
Thanks for joining me on this mini tour!


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  1. Those are all so cute... but I have to say im having a serious crush on your stairs right now!!

  2. The decorations look wonderful, love all the Joy in your home! The burlap banner is stunning!

  3. We all could use a bit more JOY. Love your decorations.


  4. Everything looks so the mason jars especially, cute idea! As for your table, how about just adding a branch from a pine tree, laying in front of what you already have? And those red clogs - just fabulous!!, love how you have the greens and berries in them

  5. There SHOULD be Joy all over! I have my JOY candlesticks you made for me out on my living room side table. It fits in great with my black and white scheme!

  6. You can never have too much joy. Your decorations are so beautiful.


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